Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wow, what an exciting year we are going to have!   Third grade brings a lot of changes and new experiences.  We have a new building, the Chadron Intermediate School, as well as new teachers, new classrooms, and new experiences.  We are located in a wonderful old school building that presents some challenges.  For the first time, we third graders have to go up a flight of stairs to reach our classrooms.  Boy, can those stairs make us tired by the time we reach the top!  This is a really neat building that we are enjoying.
We are settling into our routines as we progress through the year.  Students are learning the playground rules, lunchroom rules and routines, along with getting to know each teacher's routines and procedures.  All the third grades are located on the second floor so we see each other all the time.  We are having a great time here at Chadron Intermediate School!