Friday, November 16, 2012

Nutrition and Fitness Day

Last week all four third grade classes boarded the buses and traveled to the PAC Center at CSC for a day of nutrition and fitness activities.  The students were divided into 6 groups that were led by CSC students.  The groups rotated around different stations throughout the building.  The morning was full of physical activities that wore the kids out!  We were treated to a nutritous lunch of roast beef sandwiches provided by the Nebraska Beef Council.  The afternoon was spent learning lots of nutritous information, such as what is considered a portion, what is a good snack, how much exercise time it takes to burn off calories, and reading food labels.  We very much enjoyed our time at the PAC Center.  A big thank you to all the college students, Dawn Brammer and Donna Ritzen, and Ms. Janelle for a terrrific day!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

We held our Halloween Fun Day on October 31st.  We did a tree planting in the morning and dismissed at 1:00 so our day was a little scrambled.  We had fun making Halloween masks, eating treats and doing some cool science fun.  We used dry ice to make a giant bubble.  We also put some dry ice in a test tube with soap and watched the fantastic display of bubbles cascading from our tube.  Even though we had to change our plans (because of the early out) we still had a great day!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tree planting

On October 31, we planted a Hackberry tree.  We dug into the earth deep enough to reach the "tree swell," which is where the tree widens at the base.  We planted the tree, covered it with mulch, and watered it.  Hopefully, it will grow up to be a strong tree we can show to our children and grandchildren.