Friday, April 5, 2013

On Friday, April 5, the third grades classess had a picnic at Boog Horse Park.  This was to celebrate the participation in the Hot Stuff Readers Program.  The students brought home sheets to record all the different things they read in each two week period.  They could read anything from a medicine bottle to an almanac to a menu to book reviews and more. The students received a certificate and had their names placed in a jar.  Mrs. Grant drew names and the children were allowed to choose from a large selection of books and take them home and keep.  Except for a little wind we had a great day.

Preparing for Tests

We have spent the last several weeks working hard to prepare for the MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) tests and the NeSa (Nebraska State Assessment) tests.We are hoping to improve our scores to show what we have learned this year!!