Monday, November 25, 2013

High Performance writing

Mrs. Hoffman's language class has been learning to write personal narratives.  We are using the High Performance writing program.  We read, reviewed, examined, and discussed a personal narrative provided in the program.  Next, we created a whole-class narrative that everyone contributed and had fun writing it.  We started with an outline,then created a rough draft, which we edited, and finally a finished product ready to be published.  The students were very proud of their story.  Here it is:

The Thanksgiving Bowl

            It was a chilly day in November, the big game was on T.V. and I was excited! Thanksgiving was at Grandma’s house and all the cousins were there.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Bea were there too.  It was going to be the best Thanksgiving ever!

            As everyone arrived, they brought in their stuff, and headed to the livingroom as fast as a speeding bullet to watch the game.  Nebraska was playing Iowa in a close, exciting, football game.  The score was tied and Nebraska had the ball.  We could sure use that “Hail Mary” pass that worked earlier this year.  The quarterback stepped back and threw a pass.  The ball sailed through the air like a jetplane, when.......BOOM, POP, CRACKLE!!!  The T.V. went black.  “Noooooo!!”  shouted everyone. 
            “What happened?”  whined Uncle Bob.
            “The cable went out,” explained Grandpa Joe, “It happens all the time. In my day we never even had cable.”

Everyone sat down with a shocked look on their faces, their jaws locked open.  Their mouths looked like ventriloquist dummies waiting to speak.  Cousin Vinny said, “Lets go outside and finish that game!”  Half of us decided to be Huskers and the rest are the Hawkeyes.  We played a game of tackle football out on Grandma’s lawn.  We played for two hours, then Uncle Bob tried to tackle Cousin Jake.  Cousin Jake fumbled the ball and Uncle Bob landed on it.  We heard a “pffft” and the ball was flat as a pancake!  “Oh man!” shouted Cousin Ciah.

Just about then, Grandma, shouted from the doorway.  “Time for dinner!!” We all rampaged into the house like a herd of wild buffalo, washed our hands, and sat down at the table.  The table was filled with delicious food.  The only thing missing was the turkey.  Tiny Tammy, who had just gotten up from her nap, was carrying her sippy cup full of milk.  She dropped it and milk went all over the floor.

Mom made her grand entrance holding the turkey on a silver platter.  When Mom stepped in the milk, her foot slipped, the platter went up, and the turkey soared through the air as if it had wings.   Mom was not hurt, but the turkey was not so fortunate.  The turkey landed in the large fish tank with a splash, sending Grandma’s goldfish out onto the now empty platter!  The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.  Aunt Bea yelled, “Not the turkey! Not the turkey!”
Grandma cried, “Save my goldfish!”
Tiny Tammy started to sob and everyone else started laughing!
“Well,” Grandma said, “There’s leftover spaghetti in the refrigerater!  Lets warm it up!”
That Thanksgiving we were thankful for leftover spaghetti!  After eating our dinner, the cable came back on, and we were able to catch the score of the game.  Nebraska won the game!  We were all glad to hear it, as we fell asleep watching T.V.

Mrs. Hoffman’s Language Class

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3rd Grade Program

On Tuesday, November 19, all the third graders took part in our annual Fall program.  Mrs. Dickerson did a great job, as always, in preparing our students.  They sang songs and learned speaking parts to present to the public.  This year's program was on the power of positive thinking and it was excellent!  A good job well done third graders!
Waiting to go on stage!  We look pretty good!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Paul Siebert visit

What a great, entertaining way to end our day on Monday.  Paul Siebert, an author, musician, and Nebraska native came to visit.  We spent the last hour and a half of our day listening to him sing songs, and talk to us about the history of our wonderful state.  He used the Nebraska state flag and discussed all the items we would find on that flag.  He was once a blacksmith and he explained what that occupation was and why we find it front and center on the Nebraska flag.  He talked about everything from the Missouri river to the building of the railroad and how that developed our Nebraska.

He played the banjo, guitar, hammer dulcimer, jaw harp and a button accordion.  He sang us songs and let us join in on a few old favorites.


jaw harp

We all enjoyed his performance and learned a lot about Nebraska history too!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday the third graders spent the day at Chadron State College and the PAC center learning all about health and fitness.  They took part in lots of fun physical fitness activities they really enjoyed.  They were given a healthy sack lunch (provided in part by the Beef Council) and spent the afternoon learning about health and nutrition.  They learned about serving sizes, healthy portion control, what a healthy snack might be, how to read nutrition labels, and more fun and informational topics.  It was a great way to learn about health and fitness.  A big thanks goes out to Janelle Hansen (Panhandle Public Health District), Dawn Brammer, and Dr. Donna Ritzen from CSC and to all the wonderful CSC students who spent the day with us exercising, and trying to teach about healthy topics!

We were exhausted when we returned to CIS!

October events

My how October flew past!!  We were busy with lots of great happenings in our school.  Early in October the Firemen visited and gave the students tours of their equipment and talked to the students about fire safety.

We also were given dictionaries from the Rotary Club.  Every the Rotary Club gives the third graders a free student dictionary to use throughout the coming years.  What a wonderful service project for them.

We also did some fun activities in science learning about the states of matter!

Mrs. Hoffman's class was the prize winning money collectors for the Pizza Hut World Hunger Drive.  We collected about $120.00.  We were given free pizza for our excellent efforts.

We ended October with our Halloween party and visit to Crestview.  We had a good time visiting and sharing activities, good food, and fun!