Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Martin Luther King Day Celebration

To celebrate MLK day as well as extend Chapter five in our Social Studies book we held a cultural tasting party on Monday.  This was an optional activity for the students.  They could bring a food that was from their own cultural background to share with the entire class.  Many students chose to bring a food from their family culture and explained the country or ethnic history of the food.  We had Swedish rosettes, Native American fry bread and fruit pudding ( I forgot the name),Belgian cookies, French eclairs, Italian garlic bread and biscotti, German sausage, Czechoslovakian kolaches, Dutch lace cookies, along with Irish cream sodas.  We had a great time eating our delicious food from many lands.  We realized that our classroom is quite diverse and we are glad and proud of that fact!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lydia passes Multiplication!

Last week Ladia passed her multiplication Rocket Math and has moved on to Division!  She is the first in our class to do this!  Great Job, Lydia!!!

Students are working hard on Math

Several students have completed the subtraction Rocket Math and are starting on Multiplication Rocket math!  Congratulations to Ashlyn, Gabby, Lauren ( Fia), and Alex!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Last day Christmas Sing a Long

On Friday, December 19, Mrs Dickerson held her annual sing-a-long.  She read from the book The Polar Express and paused every so often for the kids to sing songs.  Everyone enjoyed the time and it sure put us in the Christmas mood.

Cody passes subtraction!!

Cody passed his final test in this subtraction Rocket math and is starting Multiplication.  His says it's pretty easy right now because it starts with times 1's.  It will get harder, just wait Cody!  Congratulations Cody!