Friday, February 27, 2015

More super mathematitions

Maci, Holliann, and Trey have recently passed the subtraction rocket math and are ready to move on to subtraction!  Congratulations,guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mining for chocolate chips!

In science we were using chocolate chip cookies to show how hard it can be to dig up fossils, or mine for minerals without destroying the surrounding land.

Working hard on persuasive writing

We are working on an outline for an expository writing piece.  We were doing a comparison piece, so we were finding attributes both topics had in common.

Mrs. Hoffman's Geologists

Today we put our geologist hats on and drilled for soil samples.  Mrs. Hoffman gave each student a "hill" and a fine precision instrument ( a straw).  We drilled into our hill ( pushed the straw into the hill) and pulled out a core soil sample.  Then we had to draw what we found in our sample.  After finishing our scientific inquiry we destroyed what was left of our hill:).  Science is such fun!!