Thursday, April 30, 2015

Successful Students!

As the year progresses we are seeing wonderful progress with our math students!  Two more Math Whizzes have moved to a new level.  Chase moved on to multiplication, and Cooper has moved to subtraction!  Great work guys!  You are awesome!!!

More great Math students!

We have had more students advance through their Rocket Math.  Isabella passed addition,  and Lauren, Alex, and Ashlyn passed multiplication.  I am so proud of all my students!  We have been working very hard this year on conquering our facts!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Challenge Days

Wednesday afternoon we had a good time at the CSC NPAC where we took part in the annual Challenge day.  This is a day when the CSC students put together activities and games for elementary students.  We are lucky that we are here in Chadron and can go to the college and take part in these activities.  We spend over an hour running, jumping, shooting balls, doing gymnastics, playing with parachutes, hockey sticks, and giant "boulders".  What fun we had today.  Thank you Mr. Willie Hoffman And the CSC students for asking us to come.  We had a blast!!!!

Third grade teachers receive grant!

The third grade teachers received a grant from the Chadron School Foundation.  Each teacher was given $100 to help defray the costs of lunches we prepare for the Historic School Visit.  We are very greatful for this grant as we do our best to make an authentic 1880's lunch.