Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bird Watch

This morning (Tuesday, May 17) we came to school very early, boarded the bus at 7:00 a.m. and headed to the State Park where we were met by people from Rocky Mountain bird Observatory and Game and Parks.  They lent us some binoculars and we divided into small groups and walked around looking for lots of birds.  We met back at the lagoon and played games.  We ate a quick snack and played at the playground for awhile.  Finally we boarded the bus and came home to CIS.  We had a great time.

Retirement Reception

On Monday, CIS hosted a retirement reception for Donna Piercy, Marilyn Schumacher, and Marie Hirning!  These three outstanding teachers are retiring after many, many years of teaching here at Chadron Public Schools.  We will miss them next year as they set off on the next chapter of their lives.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A day of school in 1888!

On Tuesday we packed our lunch into our tin lunch pails, loaded the magic school bus and traveled back in time to 1888.  We spent the morning in school readin, ritin, and 'rithmatic.  We practiced our orthography or spelling on chalkboard slates.  We learned to use a quill and ink to practice penmanship.  We used McGuffy readers to read stories.  We also practiced math on our slates.  Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch and played games for recess.  We came back to the school for a spelling bee.  Peterson won the spell down but everyone did well!  After that we took a tour of the Dawes County Museum and the outlying buildings.  We had a great day!  We boarded our magic school bus and returned to CIS.

Making nests

After studying and examining bird's nests we decided to try to make our own.

Why do birds need beaks?

We have been studying birds in science and we did a little experiment.  We pretended to be birds and tried to eat worms, seeds, and insects.  It's hard to do without a beak.

Volcanic Activity

To finish up our Earth science unit the students created volcanos from model magic.  We painted and decorated the volcanos.  Next we filled our volcanoes with baking soda and then poured vinegar and food coloring in the top.  Then we watched the explosions happen,