Cultural Food Tasting Activity

Last Thursday, January 19, the third grade classes held food tasting parties.  In Mrs. Hoffman's class we have been learning about diversity in our communities.  This is Chapter 5 in our Social Studies text and it coincides beautifully with out discussions concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  We discuss cultural differences and how we are all alike in many ways.  As a volunteer project, students could bring a food from their cultural heritage that is special to them in some way.  We had several students bring lots of delicious foods and we really enjoyed tasting everything.  We had wojapi, a Native American fruit pudding, Boy Bamboi(?), a Philippine version of cornnuts, cabbage rolls from the German culture along with butterballs and noodles.  We had Scottish shortbread, English pound cake, wassail to drink, along with an Irish cream soda.  We also had some yummy Italian bread, sausage and provolone cheese to taste.  Thank you to all those parents who supplied food for our wonderful, YUMMY food tasting party!!