1880's school

On Tuesday, Mrs. Hoffman's class traveled back in time to 1888 to attend a day of school 1880's style,.  When we arrived we were greeted by Miss Rotness, our teacher, as she lined us up girls in one line, and boys in another. We entered the school with girls sitting on one side and boys on the other.  We recited the Pledge to start the day.  We were placed in three rotating groups.  One group practiced orthography (spelling) using slates and chalk.  Another group practiced penmanship using quills and ink.  The last group did recitation (reading) with the teacher.  Then we ate our lunch outdoors. We had packed our tin lunch pails at school before we left.  We played games and then toured the museum.  What a lot of wonderful stuff they have in the museum.  We then held our spelling bee which Tristin won.  Kenya won the deportment award and Gillian won the penmanship award.  We had a great day back in 1888.